Dowser Healer


Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine recognises that there are many subtle forms of energy which contribute to the optimal working of the cells in the body. It is known that such subtle energy forms include electrical, magnetic and photonic vibrational frequencies. 

As dowser-healers we engage with these subtle energy vibrations from both within and around the body. We see the physical manifestation in altered health states as expressions of negative or weak energy vibrations. These energy vibrations need to be harmonised in the pursuit of optimal health.

We use the vibration of energy both to identify health problems and also to provide the remedial action we need to remove those problems.

We use the positive energy vibration of many forms of natural energy to provide remedial help. We use the stronger positive energy of a remedy to attract and displace the weaker negative energy which is the cause of ill health.

We use this subtle energy in the form of potentised tablets, which are normally placed on the skin and are therefore totally non intrusive.

Sources of Vibrational Energy:

Both nature and our ancestors provide an array of different positive energies that can be applied within this healing process. We are constantly using our dowsing skills to search out or create new sources of healing energy vibrations which we then use within our vibrational medicine. Jack Temple has left a legacy of many such remedies and our Association has tasked itself to continually add to this stock.

For Example, in this work it is not sufficient for us to just have the vibrational energy of a species of tree. As dowsers we are led to a particular tree in a particular location and dowse which leaf or which bit of bark has the energy that we are searching for at that time. We then permanently retain that energy within alcohol or copy it onto unmedicated tablets on a homeopathic potentising machine.

Here are some examples of the eclectic nature of the vibrational energy that we use:

Natural Sources:

Plants, trees, herbs, essential oils, fossils, minerals, colour, crystals.

Other Sources:

Neolithic Stone Circles, Labyrinth, Vesica Pisces, Sacred Geometry, Prime Numbers, Hebrew text from the Old Testament.

This energy is subtle, but can be very potent. For example, Jack Temple once demonstrated that the energy within a passage of Hebrew text attracted a magnetic compass away from its due north alignment. 

In our experience, it is often the case that nature has provided a healing remedy in the vicinity of a person’s home. This can be established through dowsing the location.


The essence of everything is a wave of energy at its own unique frequency. As dowsers we are able to connect with this energy wave.

Conventional wisdom knows that the body functions as a result of an interface of Biochemical, Bioelectrical and Bio photonic (light) influences. Eastern traditions also isolate a life force energy (Chi or Prana). The body vibrates in tune with a varied mix of frequencies and it is the work of vibrational medicine to establish and repair where these vibrations are out of tune with the body’s optimal harmonic balance. 

Post Script –Quantum Physics

Since ancient times, esoteric literature has made reference to many different energy concepts and Quantum Physics is now providing additional insight into such phenomena.

For example, it is now understood that matter co-exists as both a particle and as a wave of energy. In this context it follows that everything is composed of energetic waves and it also follows that all such waves are somehow connected. Matter is an expression of energy and energy is differentiated by the frequency of its vibration.

There are many previously inexplicable phenomena which are perhaps better understood in the context of these concepts.