Dowser Healer

Jack Temple Association of Health Dowsers

Foundation Course

At the end of this course the successful student will display the level of knowledge, skills and attitude required in the application of Jack Temple dowser healing techniques as follows:


  • History and development of dowser healing and the use of vibrational medicine.

  • Anatomy and physiology of the different systems in the physical body.

  • Energetic body pathways– auras, chakras and meridians.

  • Impact of mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

  • Causes of Genetic weakness.

  • Homeostasis and the body’s regulatory systems.

  • Understanding bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites.

  • Nutrition and the body’s reliance on vitamins, minerals, fats and tissue salts in the maintenance of health.

  • A basic introduction to the nature of Geopathic Stress in the house.

  • The use of Neolithic stone circles, Vesica Pisces and labyrinth energy.

  • The preparation and usage of remedies.

  • Jack Temple devised protocols for the systematic assessment and management of the altered health states of clients.

  • Ethical and professional issues appropriate to a dowser-healer.


  • Choice and use of a pendulum and other dowsing tools.

  • The application of Jack Temple protocols in the assessment and management of altered health states.

  • Identification of blockages in physical and energetic bodies.

  • Basic techniques in the harmonisation of Geopathic Stress in the home.

  • Selection, preparation and application of various remedies.

  • Structured approach to case study management and presentation.


  • An awareness of the ethical and professional issues in the role of a dowser-healer practitioner.

  • An awareness of own strengths and limitations.

  • An awareness of the strength and limitations of vibrational medicine.

The Foundation course is designed to empower students to treat themselves, friends and family. This is a 9-day course (normally spread over 3 long weekends). Two case studies of at least 2,500 words each are required to be completed and time is allocated on the course for the completion and feedback on case studies.

Successful students are awarded a Certificate in Vibrational Medicine at Foundation Level.