Dowser Healer

Jack Temple Association of Health Dowsers

Advanced Course

Successful completion of the Foundation course is a pre-requisite of attendance on the Advanced course.

At the end of this course students will be qualified to professionally practise as a dowser-healer, trained in the disciplines and concepts developed by Jack Temple. They will have a full understanding of the concepts of vibrational medicine as used by a dowser-healer.

The course develops the knowledge and skills attained on the Foundation course in the following respects:


  • A detailed review of the concepts and techniques of vibrational medicine.

  • The relationship of vibrational medicine to an in depth review of the different systems in the physical body.

  • The review of energy pathways (auras, chakras and meridians) as they contribute to optimal health.

  • An in depth review of the pathology of altered health states as presented by patients and an understanding of their possible causes.

  • Advanced techniques in the harmonisation of Geopathic Stress in the environment.

  • An understanding of inherited problems and a focus on genetic weakness.

  • The use and development of numerology and the power of the Crypto word as remedies.


Students will be required to demonstrate competence in the use of Jack Temple techniques and the application of vibrational medicine in the following respects:

  • Assessment of patients and their altered health states following protocols learned on the course.

  • The treatment and management of altered health states.

  • The selection, creation and application of remedies.

  • A structured approach to the management of patients.


  • An awareness of ethical and professional issues in the role of a dowser-healer practitioner.

  • An awareness of the strengths and limitations of vibrational medicine.

  • An awareness of their own strengths and limitations in the practice as a dowser-healer.

This course is completed over 5 weekends during a 6 month period.

3 in depth case studies are required with a minimum individual content of 3,500 words. There is a greater emphasis on the completion of case studies at home and the exercise of the full protocols required of a professional dowser-healer practitioner.