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Jack Temple Association of Health Dowsers

The Jack Temple Dowsing Academy

The Jack Temple Dowsing Academy delivers Courses in the use of dowsing to help address health related matters.

Our experience has shown that all health related practices and Therapies can benefit from the application of dowsing techniques.

Different courses are run on a periodic basis in response to local needs.

There are currently 3 locations where such instruction is available:

1) East Sussex

One Day Introductory Course only

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2) Devon

Two Day Introductory Course only

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3) Scotland

Courses at Introductory, Foundation and Advanced levels are provided by a bespoke operation in a location by Inverness

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It is proposed to deliver a Foundation level Course in the South of England at some time in the future if local demand requires it.

All courses are workshop based, where theory is combined with the practical application of dowsing on health related matters.

Non dowsers are taught how to dowse at the commencement of all Introductory Courses.

The following 3 courses are offered by the Academy:

1) Introductory course in Dowsing for Health (more details)

This is a 2 day course which provides a basic introduction to dowsing for the different types of negative energy which adversely affect both the body and the home.

For example, at the end of the course students will be able to dowse for individual food allergies and for places of Geopathic Stress in the home which need to be avoided.

2) Foundation Course in Dowsing for Health (more details)

Attendance at the Introductory course is not a pre–requisite for this course, although it is advised.

The Foundation course is designed to empower students to treat themselves, friends and family.

This is a 9-day course (normally spread over 3 long weekends). On this course you will:

  • Receive basic education in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology.

  • Be taught the basic techniques used by a dowser-healer.

  • Be provided with 50 potentised remedies and taught how to use them.

  • Learn how to source and make new remedies.

2 case studies of at least 2,500 words each are required to be completed. 

Successful students are awarded a Certificate in Vibrational Medicine at Foundation Level.

3) Advanced Course in Dowsing for Health (more details)

To be accepted on this course, you must have successfully completed the Foundation course. 

The Advanced course is designed to provide professional qualification for practitioners in the principles and concepts of dowser healing as developed by Jack Temple.

This course is normally taught over 5 weekends during a 6-month period. 

It is an in depth continuation of study which focuses on the development of students to Practitioner level through both theory and practise. There is a more in depth focus on Pathophysiology at Diploma level.

Case Study work is an essential part of this course and 3 in depth case studies of at least 3,500 words each are required.

Diploma in Vibrational Medicine

Students who successfully complete both Foundation and Advanced courses will be provided with a full Diploma in Vibrational Medicine. They can also apply to become full members of the Jack Temple Association of Health Dowsers.

Evidenced qualification in Anatomy and Physiology to ITEC standards is required before the full Diploma is awarded.

Course Delivery

Courses include the following 3 forms of delivery:

  • Lectures and discussions

  • Practical demonstrations

  • Supervised student practice

Contact Details

If you would like to enrol on one of these courses or need more information please contact us.