Dowser Healer


Jack Temple Association of Health Dowsers

After Jack Temple’s death in 2004 a Company called The Jack Temple Health Academy 2004 Limited was formed to comply with his wish that the teaching and development of his work should continue.

The Jack Temple Association of
Health Dowsers was formed in 2007 to co-ordinate the training of new students and to meet the ongoing needs of qualified practitioners. The mission of the Association is also to ensure that ongoing research and development takes place in a co-ordinated way. 

The 3 columns on the “temple” logo of the Association recognise the triad of healing, education and development that are within its remit.

The Association has the following specific objectives:

  1. To promote and advance Jack Temples work and healing remedies.

  1. To promote, develop and advance Vibrational Medicine as a continuation of Jack Temples work.

  1. To foster and aid research into all aspects of Vibrational Medicine when used in the work of a dowser-healer.

  1. To establish, maintain and encourage education in vibrational medicine for existing and new dowser-healers.

  1. To promote the use of dowsing to the general public as an aid to help improve the quality of their lives.

  1. To maintain a register of accredited practitioners and assist the general public to find a local practitioner when required.

  1. To establish standards for practitioners who graduate from the Jack Temple Dowsing Academy. These standards currently include:

    1. An ethical code of conduct.

    1. The need for students to have obtained elsewhere an ITEC standard of qualification in Anatomy and Physiology prior to graduation from our Academy.

  1. To assist the continuing professional development of accredited practitioners.