Dowser Healer



Dowser healing is a relatively new form of natural healing which is producing remarkable results.

This website has been designed to inform people of the concept of dowser healing and the work of a dowser-healer.

We seek to explain what dowsing is and how that skill can be applied to healing through the use of vibrational medicine.

This work was pioneered by Jack Temple (1917 2004), who established a successful practice in Surrey. Amongst many others,  Princess Diana had publicly thanked him for 


the help he had given her through this practice. 

The images on this page are examples of some of concepts that Jack Temple developed as a dowser-healer in his pursuit of ways to improve holistic health. These images are also provided in the Gallery with brief notes explaining their context in the field of vibrational medicine.

The Jack Temple Association of Health Dowsers has been established to continue this work. The logo of the Association, as shown at the top of this page, includes a triangle which represents the triad of mind, body and spirit which is encompassed in our work. It also contains 3 pillars which represent the following key aspects of what we do:


A practitioner listing and an example practitioner protocol of how they work are available on this site. We only use subtle vibrational energy in our work which is therefore totally non intrusive. 


3 courses in dowser healing are offered through the Jack Temple Dowsing Academy:

Graduates at the Advanced level are awarded a Diploma in Vibrational Medicine.


A continuous development programme is available for qualified practitioners and we are also regularly developing new remedies which we use in our work as dowser-healers.

This site also offers a secure forum through which practitioners can share their experiences and insights as we continue to develop this work. The secure part of the site also contains a full listing of over 2,500 remedies of vibrational medicine. Many of these were sourced by Jack Temple as he travelled the world in search of herbs, crystals etc. These are only available to our practitioners who have been trained in their application.

Our Association is committed to ensuring that the work of the dowser-healer develops and becomes readily available to those who seek either to benefit from it as patients or to learn how to apply it.